The original drawings by James Tughan are rendered in soft pastel chalk on Arches watercolour hot press paper. These works are unique in their contribution to the timeline history of realism in their cartographic sense of “mapping”. Some more recent works shown below have surrealist elements to their designs. Any works shown here include archival framing with museum glass.

Some recent work is in watercolour, which I tend to approach with some abstraction in wet-on-wet work, with careful retouching in other media such as pencil crayon, pastel and FIMO modeling clay. Much of this work has been experimental in nature, triggererred by my educational work with children and teenagers.

Delivery of work will be arranged on an individual basis, Purchases in Ontario can include delivery and installation. Out of province will require special shipping arrangements. If any of these works are being shown on tour I can arrange for viewing of them at whatever their current location is. I welcome any opportunity to meet with an interested patron to discuss the genesis of any work, or any interest in a commissioned work. For more information please contact the artist. See Contact page on this site.