the mapping of ideas

James Tughan is primarily known for being a visual artist working in visual mapping with chalk pastels, This work celebrates attachment to visible surfaces of the northern Ontario wilderness but additionally to the less visible landscape of the human psyche, through a careful use of metaphor.

More recently he has been drawn into the world of poetry, which has given him a way to articulate more directly certain aspects of these worlds: in celebration and lament, in over view and intimate touch. But then the drawings have always been poetry.

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James has invested a lifetime of long hours in superb design, exquisite draftsmanship, and an unshakable confidence in investing. Investing in subtlety, attachment to surface and yet truthfulness in spirit. Investing in the longing within the audience for quality and thoughtfulness.

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James has always valued the disparate languages of other artists. Artists who are colleagues. Artists who are learning. Artists who have gone before. Artists we are seeding now for the future. In Semaphore we signal in our communities the poetry of our hearts, the songs of our allegiances, the imaginings of our faith

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the seeding of community

James has worked repeatedly in both the secular and faith communities to inject a fresh use of the realist language into constantly evolving cultures. Cultures of faith. Cultures of conflict. Cultures of persons, not just cultures of things. Because a truthful, poetic look at the world fashioned by the original artist Jesus is worthy of such respect.

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